Single Door Design

Perfect screens offer a wide range of mosquito net door and window such as single door design, double door design, mosquito net for window, mosquito net door, customized door screens, customized Doors for kitchen, and main door. We use aluminium frames for mosquito net door in Hyderabad, We can also use a PVC frame on our client’s demands for a single mosquito net door.

As far as there is talk of Perfect screens, the Perfect screen always makes a product according to their customer’s needs and demands.

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image of Single Door Design

Single Door Design
Single Door Design

Features of Single Door Design

  • Single door design which is an open door comes with a handle to open. 
  • Both sides have handles that help to open the mosquito net door easily.
  • This door has magnates three sides that help to keep this door tightened.
  • Thereby the door attaches to the main wooden door frame with the help of magnates.
  • Mosquito net door is made with the help of a high-quality aluminium frame in which we put mosquito nets.
  • Then we have many types of mosquito net i.e. 
  • Stainless steel mosquito net 
    1. 304-grade
    2.  PVC coated
    3.  black colour and 
    4. grey colour
  • Aluminium mosquito net 
    1. Bright coated and
    2.  black colour
  • fiberglass mosquito net, 
    1. grey colour and
    2.  charcoal back
  • These all the nets can be used to make Single door design for mosquito net door. 
  • We use best quality materials for Both mosquito net
  • and the aluminium frame.
  • We use outstanding quality so these doors don ‘t get spoiled quickly and can be used for years in the same way.
  • We fix this door like this only if your door is anti-clockwise then we do fix mosquito net door clockwise. Otherwise, we do fix it in the opposite direction.
  • So that both doors are not touched to each other, and it is effortless to open these both doors.
  • A single door mosquito net screen can be found at lower prices than all other mosquito net doors.
  • Other models are quite expensive when compared to Single door design. 
    1. pleated door 
    2. sliding door
    3. double door

Those with it are very expensive.

We, people, use a different mosquito net to make single door mosquito nets such as aluminium, fiberglass, and stainless steel wire mesh.

Which can be presented in three colours aluminium frame that are, 

    1. The first one is Brown,
    2. The second one is White and
    3. The last one is Golden Brown

Benefits of Single Door Design

Let’s have a look at the benefits of using Single Door Design.

Its main advantage is, it is highly rustproof material. It never caught rust, and it decreases the chances of re-installation.

Next advantage of aluminium Single Door Design is, it is a Fully waterproof product though you installed a less quality or less thickness product then also it is Fully waterproof.

Fire resistant 

Single Door Design never could catch fire; if any incident occurs, it will not get any damage.


Single door is a durable and long-lasting product, no need to reinstall the Net for a couple of years if right quality materials are chosed.


It’s a solid material comes with reliability, one can opt this type of Mosquito net, but one must choose the best quality material while installing.

Easy to wash

This type of Net could never catch rust even though the Net washed frequently.

Easy to clean

Any cleaner could easily clean aluminiumSingle Door net Mosquito doors, or one could also use water for cleaning.

Easy to install

For easy installation, contact us, we will take only some time from your valuable schedule. 

Easy to reinstall

By accident, it gets damaged only one has to the net one needs to reinstall the frame.


OUR Materials for Mosquito net door and window.

mesh wire stainless steel

Fiberglass mesh

Nylon net

Aluminium net

Our material for cloth hangers

Premium quality stainless steel

Our materials for curtain rods

Premium quality stainless steel