Nylon mesh Nylon net

Nylon Net screens are best to make pleated screen doors and windows retractable doors for wides spaces and balconies. 


It could give a very classy and elegant look to your home or office. 

It is used ideally for unique places such as Officers, Restaurants, Hotels and Hospitals where ventilation is needed.

It can cost a little higher than other models of mosquito net but very elegant and gives a classy and High look to your place.

image of Nylon mesh Nylon net

nylon mesh nylon net

Features of nylon mesh nylon net

  • Nylon mesh Pleated insect screen has been in business for a long time but a trendy product.
  • We are one of the best manufacturers that produces and distributes Italian peated insect screen with a patented system that allow smooth and aesthetic movements.
  • The screens we offer are a practical barrier against insect among the many products available you can find a unique gallery screen which protects against the.
  • The most common diseases in India caused by mosquitoes are not even allowed to penetrate the room.
  • On the other hand, our metallic screens provide additional protection against solar radiation and help prevent rooms from overheating.
  • This type of screens creates a mirror effect, so that goes on inside cannot be seen from outside. 
  • Our Nylon mesh pleated screens can fit all rooms they are ideally attached to windows including skylights, exterior doors, entrance to balcony and terrace.
  • And to cover an entire balcony summer house or any other surface up to three and five-metre full screens.
  • Such as this may be mounted in the window processes or read directly onto the frame their patented system allows for smooth and pleasant movement forming a harmonious arrangement.
  • That eliminates the need to fit additional amounts or incorporate spring mechanism the most significant advantage of nylon net pleated screens is that they can be open in any direction.
  • From the top to bottom, from the edge to the middle and either side. 
  • Our insect screens are practical long-lasting or durable and very pleasing to the eye.
  • They are available in as many as four colours all you need to do is choose the colour that most suits the window frame, Or you can use the correct colour code for different places.
  • Such a wide range of colours provides an ideal way that can protect your home from insects, pest, and mosquitoes.
  • our mosquito net screens can provide you with an interesting decorative element, At the same time,
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Benefits of nylon mesh nylon net

Let’s have a look at the benefits of using Nylon Mesh Nylon Net.

Its main advantage is, it is highly rustproof material. It never caught rust, and it decreases the chances of re-installation.

Next advantage of Nylon Mesh Nylon Net is, it is a Fully waterproof product though you installed a less quality or less thickness product then also it is Fully waterproof.

Fire resistant 

Nylon Mesh never could catch fire; if any incident occurs, it will not get any damage.


Nylon Net is a durable and long-lasting product, no need to reinstall the Net for a couple of years if right quality materials are chosed.


It’s a solid material comes with reliability, one can opt this type of Mosquito net, but one must choose the best quality material while installing.

Easy to wash

This type of Net could never catch rust even though the Net washed frequently.

Easy to clean

Any cleaner could easily clean Nylon Mesh Nylon Net Mosquito doors, or one could also use water for cleaning.

Easy to install

For easy installation, contact us, we will take only some time from your valuable schedule. 

Easy to reinstall

By accident, it gets damaged only one has to the net one needs to reinstall the frame.


Fire resistant

Durable and long Lasting

Reliable and flexible

Easy to wash

Easy to clean 

Easy to install

Easy to reinstall


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