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PERFECT SCREENS is a well established company, renders products and services in Hyderabad. PERFECT SCREENS has initiated its establishment in 2014 since then Perfect is rendering its services.

It’s very essential to keep our house and place safe for us. How it looks when we have a decent house and suffer from a lot of problems such as Mosquito bites, direct sunlight, there is no place to dry clothes in the rainy season, and birds are damaging our house in different ways, and many more. 

You will get all the solutions under one roof that are PERFECT SCREENS.

As we know, the environment and living standards are changing rapidly in the 20th century. PERFECT SCREENS always keep themselves up to date according to the innovative environment.

Let’s discuss the products which “PERFECT SCREENS” offer.

PERFECT SCREENS offers a wide variety of mosquito net material and different models of Mosquito net door and window products and services.PERFECT SCREENS is a leading Mosquito net products and services provider in Hyderabad. 

Blinds! PERFECT SCREENS Blinds for windows and wide open spaces are very classy and elegant. Blinds is a fabulous idea for any office or home, blinds circulate fresh air and also gives a wonderful feel of the place.

These two products of PERFECT SCREENS are in Trend. Each and every office or home owners wanted to make their place comfortable and safe.

Mosquito net door and Mosquito net window are safe products and environment friendly

Types of Mosquito net.

Stainless steel Mosquito net

Aluminium Mosquito net

Glass fiber Mosquito net

Nylon Mosquito net

First at the top of all the metropolitan cities people desire to have a trendy look to their place. So! Which models of Mosquito net doors could give a trendy look? ofcourse! “Pleated Mosquito net door” could give a trendy look to the place.

Now let’s discuss the trendy models in Mosquito net door and window in Hyderabad.

Pleated door 

Shutter type windows

Sliding door

Sliding window

Openable door 

Openable window

Openable double door

Openable double windows

French foldable door

Velcro for windows

Let’s discuss the other trendy product of PERFECT SCREENS that is Blinds. Blinds  have a variety  designed models and materials one can choose from.

Zebra blinds

Roller blinds

Bamboo blinds

Venetian blinds 

Wooden blinds

Vertical blinds

Roman blinds

That’s not all PERFECT SCREENS offer many more products and services let have a look!

Grill work! 

What we could say about grill work is “safe comes first”. PERFECT SCREENS provide a variety of grill design, and there is a variety of material one can choose from.

Another perfect screen product is Pigeon net. Wooo! Pigeon net does not mean ” a net with which one could catch Pigeon” .

No one of us would want to do so. Let’s not  catch Pigeon, just be protective against the losses made by flying 🐦 birds

Pigeon net

Pigeon net is a product which could help you to make sure your house is not going to be dirty and ugly by any kind of birds.

There is still another product of PERFECT SCREENS left over that is cloth hanger.

Cloth hangers

Cloth hangers are a very trendy and useful product especially in the rainy season. cloth hangers are mostly used to wet the cleaned laundry. Especially in buildings which have a large number of floors, there might be no place to dry clothes. Cloth hangers are going to be a great and significant product for them.

Last not the list is curtain rods! What a topic it is whenever someone comes to our home firstly their eyes go on the door and the curtain by default on the curtain rods.

Curtain rods.

Curtain rods give an elegant look and enhance the beauty of the looks of the door and curtain. These rods come in different models and materials.

Reasons to choose PERFECT SCREENS

First reason! Our first motto is “Perfection with customer satisfaction”.

Second reason! Customised products according to the innovative and creative environment.

Third reason! Premium quality, PERFECT SCREENS give first preference to the Quality of products and services.

Fourth reason! Eco friendly products, PERFECT SCREENS, all products are eco-friendly in nature.

Fifth reason! Durability and reliability, PERFECT SCREENS always recommend their clients to have good quality products.

Sixth reason! PERFECT SCREENS pricing policy, PERFECT SCREENS always keep the client needs and keeps the products affordable.

Seventh reason! On time work, PERFECT SCREENS always keep the client time value. And tries to render services on time

Eight reasons! Friendly environment, PERFECT SCREENS always keep the concept of friendliness on the top.

Ninth reason! Free installation and transportation of all PERFECT SCREENS products in Hyderabad.

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