Fiberglass mesh / Fiber glass

Fiberglass mesh is specially designed for this newly converting environment; Perfect screens is the place for installation of any mosquito net door or window.

Our Fiber glass is highly recommended as it is the handy and eco-friendly measure for protection against harmful mosquitoes and pests that causes several diseases.

Mosquito screens circulate fresh the air by filtering the pollution from the air and give us fresh air and let us feel the environment and nature.

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image of aluminum wire mesh

fiberglass mesh

features of Fiberglass mesh

  • Fiberglass mesh provides secure installation service and easy maintenance. 
  • It is waterproof and dustproof, easy to wash and clean, durable, flexible and very convenient to use by users.
  • To satisfy the needs of the innovative environment and our customers demand perfect screens, manufacture, import, distribute, high-quality Fiberglass Mesh in Hyderabad.
  • Protect your family from mosquitoes and pollutant air by protecting your home with Perfect screens
  • Fiberglass Net. Fiberglass Net is mostly used in velcro screens for windows; this type of net is waterproof and fire-resistant affordable and less price than other all screens.
  •  Our mesh works as a filtering system; it filters pollutant air, and the dust that comes to home restrict the entry of any pest or mosquitoes.
  • It has an anti-UV composition and gives a lot of sunshine and ventilation.
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Benefits of Fiberglass mesh / Fiber glass

Its main advantage is, it is highly rustproof material. It never caught rust, and it decreases the chances of re-installation.

Next advantage of Fiberglass mesh / Fiber glass is  Fully waterproof product.

Fire resistant 

Fiberglass mesh / Fiber glass never could catch fire; if any incident occurs, it will not get any damage.


It’s a solid material comes with reliability, one can opt this type of Mosquito net, but one must choose the best quality material while installing.

Easy to wash

This type of Net could never catch rust even though the Net washed frequently.

Easy to clean

Any cleaner could easily clean Fiberglass mesh / Fiber glass, or one could also use water for cleaning.

Easy to install

For easy installation, contact us, we will take only some time from your valuable schedule. 

Easy to reinstall

By accident, it gets damaged only one has to the net one needs to reinstall the frame.


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