Aluminum Mosquito net

Aluminium mosquito net

Aluminium mosquito net would be a solution for mosquito net door and mosquito net for windows because it is a very light and affordable material. It would be the right choice for any place in our houses because of the durable factor.

As we are living in a fast and furious world, no to do the same job number of times. It’s better to have a quality product; this mosquito net would be the perfect solution.

The mosquito net is a net that consists of small check boxes pattern. Protect your family from mosquitoes and pollutant air by protecting your home with perfect screens.

Perfect Screens use Mosquito net in different types of Mosquito net for the door, Mosquito net for the window in Hyderabad.

Perfect screens offer a wide selection of customised measurements according to your place needs.

image of aluminum wire mesh

aluminium mosquito net

Features of aluminium mosquito net

The aluminium Mosquito net is a net that consists of small checkbox pattern Aluminium material.

To prevent the entry of small insects, pests and Mosquitoes, this type of wired nets used that has a very tiny dimension that is 16×18 micro mm.

This Mosquito net only comes in one colour that is silver; white stainless steel Mosquito net has two colour options.

Four types of mosquito nets, fibreglass net, nylon net, SS stainless steel net, the aluminium net comes at second place price accordingly. 

If someone is using an This  mosquito net, then they must consider the quality of the Net, quality should be best; otherwise, this type of mosquito net doesn’t last long.

 Although it doesn’t catch rust, it could get damaged, or the wires of the Net could get separated if sharp objects get in contact with the Net.  

So perfect screen recommends to their customer to install only the best quality of material with latest and innovative designs.

Protect your family from mosquitoes and pollutant air by protecting your home with PERFECT SCREENS.

Perfect Screens use this in different types of Mosquito net for door, Mosquito net for windows in Hyderabad.

Perfect screens offer a wide selection of customised measurements according to your place and models you can choose.


aluminum mosquito net door and window

Here are some types of Aluminium Mosquito net door and Mosquito net for windows.

The aluminium Mosquito net can use in making doors and windows

  • Openable door
  • Single door  screen.
  • Double door screen.
  • Bi-fold door  screen.
  • Sliding door screen.
  • Sliding window screen.
  • Openable Mosquito net window.
  • Sleek Mosquito net window.

Benefits of Aluminium mosquito net

Let’s have a look at the benefits of using aluminium mosquito nets.

Its main advantage is, it is highly rustproof material. It never caught rust, and it decreases the chances of re-installation.

Next advantage of aluminium Mosquito net is, it is a Fully waterproof product though you installed a less quality or less thickness product then also it is Fully waterproof.

Fire resistant 

Aluminium nets never could catch fire; if any incident occurs, it will not get any damage.


Aluminium net is a durable and long-lasting product, no need to reinstall the Net for a couple of years if right quality materials are chosed.


It’s a solid material comes with reliability, one can opt this type of Mosquito net, but one must choose the best quality material while installing.

Easy to wash

This type of Net could never catch rust even though the Net washed frequently.

Easy to clean

Any cleaner could easily clean aluminium net Mosquito net  doors, or one could also use water for cleaning.

Easy to install

For easy installation, contact us, we will take only some time from your valuable schedule. 

Easy to reinstall

By accident, it gets damaged only one has to the net one needs to reinstall the frame.


Fire resistant

Durable and long Lasting

Reliable and flexible

Easy to wash

Easy to clean 

Easy to install

Easy to reinstall


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